Team Bahamas

Our Team

The precision of Dubai Expo 2020 team and the work they are doing brought home the point that in order to produce positive developmental change, once must think differently, be willing to cross boundaries and barriers and produce tangible results.

Team Bahamas in this delegation were:
Non-Resident Ambassador to the UAE and State of Qatar for The Bahamas, Tony Joudi
Project Manager Expo 2020 Bahamas Pavilion, Michael Diggiss Director,
Office of the Minister of Tourism, Janet Johnson and Assistant Director, Bridgette Rahming Media and Public Relations, Azaleta Ishmael-Newry Assistant Professor Architecture, Val Pintard-Flax Assistant Professor Art, Michael Edwards Assistant Professor Culinary, Donna Williams Assistant Professor Culinary, Eldred Saunders Assistant Professor English, Dr. Ian Bethell-Bennett Architecture Students: Whitney Sturrup, Kacey Duncombe, Alexis Lighbourne and Royce Archer Art Students: Sheena Heastie Culinary Students: Karen Sherman, Marcella Evans-Ingraham and Anynke Austin